Instant Savings on New Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Save money and energy for your business when purchasing qualifying energy-efficient foodservice equipment.

Learn how to stand out from the competition.

Why is energy-efficient foodservice equipment important?

High performance energy-efficient equipment can offer savings of 10 to 70 percent over standard models, depending on the product category.* That means for every $1,000 in utility bills, you may currently be spending up to $700 in unnecessary energy use.

Energy-efficient commercial food service equipment has come a long way. These models are reliable, kitchen-tested, and can help you save on monthly utility costs. With instant savings up to $3,000 per appliance, you can choose the right equipment for your kitchen, for the best price, and without sacrificing performance.

Why participate?

Unlike traditional rebates, you won’t need to worry about paperwork or waiting for a check. Participating suppliers can provide the savings instantly, right on your invoice.

Rebates are available for commercial customers of AEP Texas and are only available through a participating supplier.

There is no cost to participate.